Domestic flights at ShareTrip are now safer with travel coverage

With the purchase of domestic flight tickets through the ShareTrip App or website (, you can now travel safely with complimentary travel insurance coverage.

For all domestic ticket buyers up through December 31, 2022, this travel insurance is free and only covers domestic travelling by flight.

Travellers can now freely navigate the country since insurance will protect them from a variety of emergency situations such as accidents, travel ailments, and viral diseases.

Domestic travel insurance provides coverage against acute illnesses, such as Dengue fever and COVID-19, that may be contracted while travelling or upon arriving at the destination.

This insurance also covers minor travel ailments such as motion and altitude sickness due to flying, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, etc.

Additionally, it provides coverage for accidental injuries or even death, making domestic flight travel more secure.

If a traveller faces the above conditions while flying with a domestic ticket from ShareTrip, he/she can get financial benefits by claiming insurance coverage by submitting medical documents. If the passenger dies then the legal nominee can get the financial benefit by providing the necessary documents.

ShareTrip is offering this domestic travel coverage to make travelling on all domestic routes a little less stressful and to safeguard travellers from any unfortunate occurrences. All users of the ShareTrip mobile app and website who book domestic flights will receive this insurance coverage at no additional cost, till 31st December 2022.

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