Overview of Travel insurance packages by bimafy

Get the best travel insurance offers in Bangladesh and protect your dear ones with travel insurance to cover medical expenses abroad.

Bangladeshi nationals going overseas for a variety of reasons, including business, vacation, tours, studies, work, or temporary residency in foreign regions outside of Bangladesh, are covered by travel insurance, also known as Overseas Medical Claim Insurance.

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Bimafy Travel Insurance covers OMC (outside medical claim) in most countries across the world. The online travel insurance purchased through bimafy.com is designed for use by the insured in the case of a sudden and unexpected illness or accident while the insured is abroad. For the purpose of premium rates and features accessible, Overseas Mediclaim Insurance is divided into two plans.

Travel Insurance for Business and Vacation: Coverage of up to USD 50,000 for a term of up to 180 days.

Overseas Insurance for Work and Study: For periods of more than 180 days but less than 12 months.

Expenses for unplanned emergency doctor visits, hospital physician or medical services, and local emergency medical transportation while traveling overseas. Expenses for a doctor’s ordered emergency medical evacuation to the nearest suitable hospital, including urgent transportation and essential medical care in route. In circumstances where the Insured Person is extremely ill or injured and there is no acceptable local care available, the Program Medical Advisors must first approve the request. In the event of death during the visit, the insurance company will cover the costs of air transportation of the deceased body/remains to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, or up to an equivalent sum for a local burial or cremation inside the country where death happened. In the event of a prolonged stay owing to illness or injury outside the insured’s customary state of residence. The insured will be reimbursed for additional lodging or hospitalization costs based on the physician’s recommendation and the agreed-upon payout.

In the event that luggage is misplaced, the company will be responsible for locating and delivering the luggage to the designated place of stay during the trip. In the event that luggage is lost on a scheduled airline flight and is not found within 24 hours. The insurance will pay up to USD $ 1000 (equivalent EUR) in compensation. In such circumstances, the allegations must be accompanied with justifiable documents.