Free Accident Insurance Coverage with GearX Bangladesh Products

GearX Bangladesh is providing up to BDT. 65,000 insurance coverage for free to its customers with every Bilmola, KYT, Icon, Suomy, and Zeus helmets, powered by Bimafy.

To avail the insurance coverage, please visit the following link:


  • BDT. 5,000 coverage for Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.
  • Up to BDT. 30,000 total yearly coverage for Accidental Hospitalizations/Emergency Treatments as per the following:
Type of Accidental Hospitalization/ Emergency TreatmentMaximum benefit amount
Severe Head InjuriesBDT. 30,000.00
Chest Injuries, broken ribs/internal injuriesBDT. 15,000.00
Fractures, Dislocation, AmputationBDT. 9,000.00
Soft tissue injury, abrasions, cut injury, sprainsBDT. 3,000.00
  • BDT. 30,000 coverage for Accidental Death.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is valid from 17th September 2021 until further notice from GearX Bangladesh.
  • Customers who purchase the helmets and other eligible riding accessories (i.e. Bilmola, KYT, Icon, Zeus, and Suomy helmets, etc.) from GearX showrooms or any approved dealers of GearX Bangladesh (including e-commerce sales) shall get the Free Accident Insurance Coverage.
  • The Free Insurance Coverage is powered by Bimafy (previously in partnership with listed insurance companies of Bangladesh and is applicable to standard insurance-related terms and conditions.
  • Coverage for Accidental Hospitalizations/Emergency Treatments, COVID-19, and Accidental Death shall be applicable for the owner of the helmet only.
  • The helmet purchaser must register for the free insurance coverage at Bimafy within 7 days of purchasing the helmet. Please visit after purchasing the helmet to register for the free insurance coverage.
  • The insurance coverage duration is 365 days and it shall start from the date of the helmet purchase (except COVID-19, it has a waiting period of 14 days). You must provide all the necessary information while registering for the insurance coverage on our website.
  • Insurance claims must be placed to Bimafy using their website ( by calling the hotline number +8809606991991

To know more about the offer, please visit any nearby GearX Bangladesh showroom or any of their authorized dealer points. You can also visit their Facebook page to browse the latest collections of the certified helmets.

Please download and read the below file for more details about the insurance claim process and FAQ.

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