Biker Bima: accident insurance that every motorcycle rider needs always emphasizes providing the best insurance solutions to the Bangladeshi people and a continuation of that effort, recently it has launched a new accidental insurance product which is specially designed for motorcycle riders. As the motorbike riders are very much prone to accidents and the previous third party (or the act liability) insurance did not provide substantial coverage against accidental injuries, it is very much needed for a motorcycle rider to have accident insurance in place while riding on the streets so that the insured biker can get a financial benefit in case of any accidental injuries due to a road traffic accident.

Biker Bima is the newly added product line of, countries first online insurance marketplace from where people can easily get their required insurance policies with just a few clicks. Biker Bima provides various accidental injury coverages to a motorcycle rider which comes in handy for someone who faces an accident and gets injured while riding a bike.

This insurance policy provides up to BDT. 55,000 insurance coverage for one year for only BDT. 299 premium. One can purchase as many policies as they wish and the total insurance coverage also increases with the additional number of policies purchased. A premium membership card with one-year validity is also issued and delivered to the customers, free of cost. Customers can also opt-in for cash on delivery payment while ordering on their website

A brief detail of Biker Bima is provided below:


  • Up to BDT. 50,000 as Accidental Hospitalization (with day-care treatment) Coverage

Up to BDT. 50,000 as Accidental Hospitalization (including day-care treatment) coverage in case of eligible injuries resulted from road-traffic Accidents as per the following:

Types of Accidental InjuriesCoverage Amount
Head Injury100% (BDT. 50,000)
Chest Injury, Internal Injury50% (BDT. 25,000)
Fracture, Dislocation, Dismemberment, Amputation, 2nd Degree Burn, 3rd Degree Burn30% (BDT. 15,000)
Scrape and Cut, Abrasion, Soft Tissue Injury, 1st Degree Burn10% (BDT. 5,000)
  • BDT. 5,000 as COVID-19 Coverage

BDT. 5,000 as COVID-19 coverage in case of eligible respiratory infection due to the Coronavirus.


  • Claims for Accidental Hospitalization can be made multiple times until the total limit of BDT. 50,000 is over.


An initial waiting period of 14 days shall be applicable for any claims due to COVID-19, meaning that the Registered Member cannot get any benefit for COVID-19 infection within the 14 days from the date of purchase of Biker Bima.


The following exclusions and limitations shall be applicable for the Insurance Coverage:

  • Any pre-existing conditions shall not be covered.
  • Any injuries/death due to any unlawful activities shall not be covered (i.e., riding a bike without a valid driving license).
  • Insurance coverage shall be applicable for accidents/incidents occurring within the territory of Bangladesh only.


BDT. 299.00 only per Covered Person per year, paid on the purchase of Biker Bima.


Insurance claims can be raised using the dedicated claims portal on the following hyperlink by filling up the online claims form and by attaching relevant claims documents (scanned images/clear photographs).

Successful insurance claims shall be settled in favor of the customer or nominee via bank account or mobile financial system (bKash/Rocket etc.) within ten (10) working days after receiving all necessary documents.

For further details, please visit or call customer service at +8809606991991


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